Dan Barrett - Artist

A World in Watercolour

Dan Barrett is an illustrator,artist and paint maker who specialises in watercolour. Specialities include botanicals, animals and portraits.  I explore the medium with excitement and adventure until my vision is achieved. This website provides information about my work, my portfolio, my handmade paints and images of past projects, as well as information about my artistic journey from dream to realisation.


My Story

Daniel Barrett - Artist

I am a self taught artist born and living in the UK. I picked up a brush around the same time I picked up a pencil and have always been drive to create.

I studied and enjoyed art through my school years and passed an Art GCSE in that time. After that I followed a different medium and was creative with food before returning to the world of paint a few years ago.

I became devoured by watercolour and was captured by it's uniqueness and beauty. I dived into it even further when I decided to make my own watercolour paints and it gave me a much deeper appreciation. 

"To be strong and bold, we have to let go of what everyone else thinks we should do. We have to let go of trying to finely control ourselves to fit into their standards."

Oto Kano

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