My Portfolio

Each year, my work grows and evolves into something bigger, more interesting, and better. As an artist, there is no greater pleasure for me than finding genuine growth and improvement in my projects. As I have grown and matured, so has my art. Below are some of the pieces I recently created in my studio.



This is a painting of a orchid which sits at home. It was a rescue orchid one that the store was going to throw away so I salvaged it and breathed new life into it. It became something so beautiful I had to paint it.


Red Violet

This one was painted using Red Violet paint from Sennelier. This is a discontinued colour from them and I wanted to experiment with it. I love the warm and cool violets in this piece.



Painting portraits is very challenge but also fun and rewarding. I painted this not long after visiting Harry Potter World in London. I really like the character of Snape in the boks and film and love the way the late Alan Rickman portrayed him.

with the lillies.png

With Lily

This was painted using exclusively Holbein watercolours of which I didn't get on with but I really like the finished outcome. I enjoy this piece as it's a blend of my botanical and illustrative portraiture using a more limited colour palette.



This piece started as and artists study. From very early on I dislike the composition and the colours so I changed it to suit my needs. Changing things made me very happy with the outcome.