Dan's Blue Ultramarine 5ml Tube

Dan's Blue Ultramarine 5ml Tube


I am so excited to annouce that for the first time ever I am selling paints in tubes!


I am starting off with Dan's Blue PB29.



I have been working for the last year to get a paint formula which works in both pan and tube. I think I've finally cracked it! I will be making the paints as fresh as possible but I do recommend you decant the paint sooner rather than later. I have tube which is nearing two years old and is still doing fine but I will be transparent and say I don't know the full shelf life of these tubes. The tubes should last at least upto a year from my testing.


These tubes were filled by hand so they may not contain exactly 5ml on the dot. I have tried to go over 5ml just to be on the safe side.


If these tubes go well I will of course release more tube watercolours.

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