Ice Queen Handmade Watercolour Half Pan

Ice Queen Handmade Watercolour Half Pan


Ice Queen watercolour Half Pan. A sparkly Blue paint.

Each pan of paint is mixed and hand milled with love and care. All my paints are made with a watercolour binder and high quality pigment before being hand poured into the pan.

Each pan comes labelled with the name and pigment number so you wont forget. 

Each pan is hand wrapped in parchment paper to keep it safe from dust and moisture before being finished off with gold foil and a hand written label with a splash of paint.

Each paint order comes with a handpainted swatch card introducing you to your new paint. 
Each card contains information about the paint you received including: Pigment info, Transparency, stainability, granulation and lightfastness rating.

Please note all paint is handmade so may vary with consistency as it can be affected by climate and temperature. Also please consider paint may differ from commercial brands as it is hand millled rather than machine milled.

If ordering from outside of the UK please allow extra time due to postal services and customs.

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